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Linda Lamont
Member Since: 2020

I do Social Media Marketing with a focus on Video. People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Video helps this process. Through video, you can engage, entertain, and educate your audience. In this way, they feel a bond that brings them closer to dealing with your business.

Many forms of video offer varied ways of getting your message across yet appearing like new content. Examples such as explainer, whiteboard, testimonial, and personalized video can all be done without showing your face if you are not a fan of being seen on camera.

The cost of video makes it a no-brainer for your business. It is watched up to 600% more often than written content, and is cheaper to use in advertising. The same ad on Facebook is cheaper with a video in it than with a photo, it gets more exposure, and ultimately reaches a bigger audience. More bang for your buck. Get video to work for you there is something for every budget.

Contact me for further information I also do Messenger Marketing! Use chatbots to offer support, make sales, and educate your audience about your offers and promotions. On autopilot, you can gather information about leads and make personalized offers such as a free dessert on their birthday when they buy a meal at your restaurant!

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