Our System

Our Business Networking Structure

At London Referral Network, our meetings are a great place to make new like-minded connections in business.

We get together for social events and breakfast every Wednesday morning at 7am. Our members often network in the form of 1-on-1 meetings which is highly encouraged as our tally has shown that these meetings, without fail, lead to referrals.

A Referral Focused Group

As much as we are about having fun and making friends, it’s important to understand that we are, first and foremost, a networking group with the goal of earning business referrals for our members. For this reason we structure our meetings as follows:

  1. Pre-meeting open networking / discussion during breakfast
  2. LRN President opens and introduces executive members
  3. Education member presents for 2 mins
  4. 60-seconds round table introductions for each member
  5. 2-3 mins for guest introductions
  6. Break for open networking / washroom etc
  7. Featured Speaker presents for 30 min
  8. Round table referral accountability announcements
  9. Secretary and membership reports

The five ways to contribute to the group
(reported through member portal)

1-on-1 Meetings

All group members are encouraged to meet with one another in between each meeting. These are referred to as 1-on-1s. These meetings are the lifeblood of our networking. By discussing our businesses with each other in detail, we learn about each other and feel much more confident to use and refer the service. The numbers don’t lie: 1-on-1 meetings directly lead to revenue generation.


Every week we tally how many referrals are generated by the group. A referral is when a member recommends work for, or personally requests a service/product from another member. Whether or not the referral results in closed business, it is still counted as a referral and credited to the referring member.

Closed Business / “Show Me The Money”

LRN reports all closed referrals as a monetary figure which contributes to the yearly total of business revenue from group activity. This figure is our greatest accomplishment. Membership to our group pays for itself and then some! With proven return on investment, we consider ourselves the premier networking group in the city.

Recruit a New Member

The fourth way to contribute to the group is to bring a new member who has an established business whose industry is not yet represented in the group. We’re always looking for new members who will help enhance our community and increase the profitability of membership for everybody.


The last way to contribute to the London referral network is to use testimonials. Testimonials are a great way to show our potential customers that our businesses and services are valuable. By writing testimonials, we can help spread the word about the referral network and attract new members.

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